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Category: GeneralN/A: CAL-Ugadi

N/A: CAL-Ugadi

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N/A: pub board

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N/A: comb meet7

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N/A: SM-day-8-4-17

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N/A: Uni-fun-day-13-4-17

April 14, 2017

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N/A: cal-good-friday

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N/A: comb meet3

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N/A: bldg comm

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N/A: WM-Day-25-4-17

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N/A: Basava Javanti

April 30, 2017

News @ KLE

►Teaching faculty requirement for Biostatistics Department
TEACHING FACULTY RECRUITMENT      Applications are invited from the eligible candidates for recruitment of teaching faculty at KLE University,

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Warana Children’s Orchestra
A Musical Programme was organized by Warana Children’s Orchestra (The Musical Extravaganza)

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Observation of 1st ‘Constitution Day’
Observation of First ‘Constitution Day’ on 26th November 2015 in the

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A laughter Show
A laughter show was organized by renowned Artists Mr. Gangavati Pranesh, Mr. Richard Louis and Mrs. Indumati

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About KLE University

KLE University, Belagavi will seek to be a center of excellence in Medical Education, Research, and HealthCare services at  then national and international level.

The institute will strive to be among the top ten medical colleges in India in the spheres of medical education, research and health care services. Added to this 1000 bed Dr.Prabhakar Kore Charitable Hospital and three Primary Health Centres and one urban Health centre will be the epicenters of post graduate and under graduate training, wherein patients are treated free and exclusively meant for training the post graduate and under graduate in their basic knowledge and skills.

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