About SMO

Site Management office; with the help of constructive spirit of all the delegated members and staff, has succeeded in strengthening the department (Institute of Clinical Research Department) as an outstanding Site, under the dynamic chairmanship of Dr. M.V.Jali.

The country is gearing forward to attract more and more researchers from around the world to conduct their clinical trial studies in India. The regulatory system is being helpful as well as strict; laws are being amended to facilitate the entry. India is poised to offer the global pharmaceutical industry high quality and cost-effective services in the field of drug discovery, clinical trial conduct, data management and manufacturing. Many sponsors prefer the KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore hospital and Medical Research Centre as one of the best site and individual sponsors are providing more than one study. There is proven track record for these services; all clinical trials are subject to quality audits from the sponsors and compliant as per the Good Clinical Practice guidelines and with good infrastructure. In view of this, workshops were conducted in ICH and Good Clinical Practice {GCP} certification,  to provide a sound knowledge and training for the clinical research team. The Organization’s enlargement process is progressing with the promising clinical trials ahead helping the needy people and community.